The Bruce Window

bruce_window_250In the North transept is the King Robert the Bruce Memorial Window. Dedicated in his memory on 7th July 1974 which was the 700th anniversary of his birth. The upper lights represent the spiritual estate with Christ in Glory in the centre, with four Saints – Ninian and Andrew, on his right and Columba and Fillan on his left, each of whom have a special place in Scottish History.

The lower lights representing the mortal estate with King Robert the Bruce in the centre with the point of his great sword at rest between his feet. He is flanked (from left to right) by the Earl of Moray, Sir James Douglas, Walter the Steward, and Angus Og MacDonald, (the Lord of the Isles). All of whom played a significant part in his life and at the Battle of Banockburn in 1314.

The centre quatrefoil of the tracery depicts the Lamb of God. This is surrounded by the symbols of the twelve Apostles: the fish of Andrew; the tau cross and basket of Philip; the boat of Jude; the scallop shells of James the greater; the cup and serpent of John; the double axe and Bible of Matthias; the carpenters square and spear of Thomas; the flaying knives of Bartholomew; the purses of Matthew; the fish and hook of Simon the Zealot; the saw of James the less and the keys of Peter.

The remaining six sectons contain the Carrick Saltire of Edward Bruce, the three escutcheons of Gilbert Hay the High Constable, the silver with red and gold chief of Keith the Marishal and the gyrons of sir Neil Campbell; also the paternal arms of bruce`s two consors, Isobel and Elizabeth, i.e. Mar and Ulster.