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Unlike public libraries or museums, The Abbey Church of Dunfermline does not benefit from any Central or Local Government support. 

It currently costs £558 per day to keep and maintain the Ministry of the historic Dunfermline Abbey which is wholly met by members of the congregation and donations from visitors.

Donating allows us to continue to offer ministry in Dunfermline and welcome over 25,000 people every year to discover the Abbey’s place in Scotlands rich history.

To celebrate our recent bicentenary, we invite you to learn more about joining our recently re-launched Friends of the Abbey Church of Dunfermline, and our new legacy programme, The Bruce Circle.

If you would like to discuss a donation please get in touch with our treasurer at the address below.

The Treasurer
Dunfermline Abbey
KY12 7PE,
+44 (0)1383 724586