Development Plan 2017

This Development Plan builds on a very long and successful history of Christian worship, care and support at the Abbey Church of Dunfermline. The Abbey Church has a congregational roll of over 600 parishioners and enjoys an average Sunday attendance of around 220 people of all ages. The Abbey provides a wide range of related organisations,  targeted at all age groups and offers services to care for the needs of others both individuals and groups in the area.


Looking ahead, the Abbey faces a similar range of challenges and opportunities as other churches, both nationally and locally. This Plan summarises

  • our overall ambition, in the form of a Vision Statement,
  • how we intend to achieve that ambition through seven key Aims
  • objectives and activities for each of the Aims which are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-related)
  • a revised organisation structure to deliver the plan
  • Risks to the successful delivery of the plan

The Plan seeks to build upon the good work achieved by teams implementing the previous Five Year Plan. It recognises that we have a number of strong foundations which we can build our future from but that we need to do much more if we are to continue to succeed and flourish in the future.

The full plan can be viewed and downloaded by following this link

Abbey Church Development Plan 2017-2022