1st Sunday in Lent

Sunday 5th March was the first Sunday in Lent and the middle Sunday in the Fairtrade Fortnight.

Fairly Tempted

The address by the Minister, Rev MaryAnn R. Rennie, from the 11am service at Dunfermline Abbey on Sunday 5th March 2017

Transfiguration Sunday

The sermon preached on Sunday 26th February at the 11am  service by the Mrs Margaret Mateos.

7th Sunday after Epiphany

The sermon preached on Sunday 19th February at the 11am  service by the Rev William McCulloch.

Review of 2016

Another busy year at the Abbey.  Our review of the life of the Abbey in 2016……distilled down from the 4824 pictures taken! Please feel free to tag and share! Best viewed in HD full screen